LEADERS - Mat is a Pastor and accredited minister with AoG. Mat and his wife Esther both lead C4 CHURCH.

SPEAKERS - Mat and Esther are highly capable communicators and speakers able to unpack the word of God in a powerful and relatable way. (To book us see our Contact Us page)

YOUTUBERS - as you know, Mat and Esther are Christian Youtubers and Vloggers, they have a growing audience and are connected with a large network of other Christian Youtubers and influencers from all over the world.


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About our Channel?

Mat and Esther are growing Christian influencers and speakers, who use comedy and diverse communication skills to create powerful faith based videos on a variety of subjects relevant to our everyday lives!..



Finding 'the one'

Christian perspectives on dating!


Cinematic Motivation

Powerful cinematic films to encourage you in your faith!

Training in God's power



Prayer / Power / Purpose

Identity / Insecurity - and many every day problems we contend with.